StC Girls Varsity
May 12 | Senior Day
St Charles

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Seniors star (appropriately) in 22-2 win over Conant
St. Charles Girls Varsity finished their regular season on Senior Day Saturday in classic form, beating Conant 22-2 in front of a packed crowd at the East Side Sports Complex.
"The team put on a good display of passing, catching and finishing," said Head Coach Peter Bogle. "Everyone contributed on this win, which was especially nice given the fact that the team's seniors were recognized at halftime of the game."
Senior Co-Captain Samantha Link had a six-goal performance, while her other Senior Co-Captain, Margaret Zimmer, had a 10-save performance in goal for St. Charles.
Other contributors were Junior Middie Claire Dillon (4 goals); Junior Attackers Emma MacNeille and Jordyn McFarlane (3 goals each); Sophomore Middie Mary Fahey (2 goals), and Juniors Emily Arvia, Anna Bartels and Maddie Smith and Senior Hanna Dytrych, all with one goal each.
St. Charles dominated off the draws with Maddie Smith having over 80% win percentage, which always changes the momentum of the game, added Coach Bogle.
St. Charles earned a first-round bye in the upcoming state playoffs because of its 12th seed. The first game is a sectional semifinal at Lyons Township on May 17 at 7.00pm vs the Eagles Co-Op.
Maraget Zimmer
Senior Co-Captain Margaret Zimmer stopped ten Conant shots in the team's final regular season game. Photo by Megan Bogle
Samantha Link
Senior Samantha Link scored six goals against Conant in the Senior Day win. Photo by Megan Bogle
Hannah Dytrych
Senior Hannah Dytrych (left) and Junior Emma MacNeille both scored in the Conant win.
Photo by Megan Bogle
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